MachineFloor is an online content publisher dedicated to developing fun and intuitive websites for gamers, concept artists and other niche audiences.

Our website brands strive to be unique, highly accessible and meticulously organized and work constantly to remain relevant and state-of-the-art.

By following these principles Machinefloor has carved successful niches on the Internet and continues to entertain thousands of web users daily.


  • VVGNET (vvgnet.com)

    VVGNET – Visionary Video Gamers Network, is our portal to our gaming network.

    • GameBanana (gamebanana.com)

      Targeting gamers and game developers, GameBanana is the largest website on the Internet specifically covering action video games for PC and receives millions of views daily.

    • Gamer Petitions (gamerpetitions.com)

      A place where gamers can put their names down in support of petitions on important issues in the gaming industry.

    • GreenGamers (greengamers.com) (Q2 2014)

      An online initiative to educate video gamers about power efficient computer usage and environmentally-conscious hardware purchasing choices with the eventual goal of regular computer hardware reviews with a focus on their energy efficiency, reliability and longevity rather than their performance and price.

  • HyperText Assembly (hypertextassembly.com)

    HyperText Assembly improves developer productivity and provides clarification through live experimentation in simple, elegant interfaces.

    • ProCSSor (procssor.com)

      A CSS minifier and prettifier for CSS designers.

    • DevRef (devref.com)

      A unified online resource for web developers.

    • WebTalk (webta.lk)

      Get help with anything web development related, post your projects and get feedback or partake in regular web development competitions at WebTalk.

    • CodeSandbox (codesandbox.com) (Q2 2014)

      A learning and experimentation tool where programmers can see the live result of function parameter inputs.


  • George – Our Paladin

    George is a lot of things: our Eye in the Sky; our Protector; that guy who knows what every button does. He keeps our Communities in check.

  • Jon – Our Sage

    Jonny’s the guy with the flashlight that everybody hides behind. He’s Gandalf pondering which path to take. Without him, we’d be devoured by goblins. He’s also got a loudspeaker.

  • Logan – Our Conjurer

    Nobody draws a crowd like Logan – he’s the guy putting the meat on the bones. We hate that analogy but it’s pretty accurate. Content is King therefore Logan is whatever creates Kings.

  • Tom – Our Carpenter

    Tom is a strange hybrid of creative guy and code guy. Somehow he’s got footholds in two different worlds to develop our sites and technologies.

  • Shakira – Our Illusionist

    Shakira is our new Graphic Designer. She’s determined and dedicated and makes short work of any design task. She also dabbles in Jquery and will soon be helping us in that area.

  • The Helpers

    We also have some great guys helping us out in their spare time – Kevin Østerkilde, Nick Hariri, Hans Palm, Owe-Andre Spjell, Jonathan Jones, Michael Lauwereys and William Berkowitz.


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