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Machinefloor is an online content publisher dedicated to developing fun and intuitive websites for gamers, concept artists and other niche audiences.

Our website brands strive to be unique, highly accessible and meticulously organized and work constantly to remain relevant and state-of-the-art.

By following these principles Machinefloor has carved successful niches on the Internet and continues to entertain thousands of web users daily.


  • GameBanana: Targeting gamers and game developers, GameBanana is the largest website on the Internet specifically covering action video games for PC and receives millions of views daily.
  • Gamer Congress: A place where gamers can promote change by suggesting, sharing and voting on opinions on gaming topics.
  • genr8rs: A place where gamers can promote change by suggesting, sharing and signing petitions on important gaming related issues.
  • GameDev Contests: A site that lists every game development contest going on around the internet. Find contests to improve your dev skills – and win prizes at the same!


  • Thomas Pittlik - Engineering
  • Jon Higgins - Operations
  • Jonathan Jones - Community
  • George M. - Administration
  • Some awesome people help us out in their spare time - Logan Dougall, Kevin Østerkilde, Nick Hariri, Hans Palm, Owe-Andre Spjell & Michael Lauwereys.